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Inglise keele nädala kolmas päevaülesanne

Tänane ülesanne ja lisaks ka eilne lahendus.
Selline on tänane päevaülesanne:

Siin ka eilse ülesande lahendus:

1. Which letter of the alphabet is a body of water? C
2. Which letter is a vegetable? P
3. Which letter is a popular drink in England? T
4. Which letter is a part of the head? I
5. Which letter is an exclamation? O
6. Which letter is always trying to find reasons? Y
7. Which letter is always waiting in a line? Q
8. Which three letters frighten a thief? ICU
9. Which letter is a pronoun like „I“? U
10. Which letters can you buy from a music shop? CD
11. Which letter is a form of the verb „BE“? R
12. Which three-syllable word contains 26 letters? ALPHABET/ABC